Whether it is online or offline it is always paramount to have a good reputation. You should never allow comments which are immature, accusations which are false or complaints tarnish your reputation. This is mainly because people will judge you and your business through your reputation. We are digital media experts and we specialize in online reputation management.


Since people use search engines to search for information and different products we help you be able to show the true image of your business. We shall move the positive information up in Google while we push the false and negative information down. The positive information will be easily accessible and this will give your business a positive reputation. On the other hand, the negative information will be pushed to the bottom where it will be harder to access. We, TrafficDom SEO Agency, use strategies and techniques which have been tested and proven to be effective. Through our services, we shall be able to make your business look its best.

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Online reputation management makes sure that customers get to see your business for what it truly is. The customers do not get to see what the minority percentage which might want to tarnish your business get to put online. This even makes the other marketing aspects of your business relatively easier. Instead of trying to deal with negative information you will be getting more website referrals, more generated leads, increased effectiveness in marketing and you will also have more time to deal with the different aspects of your business.

The Most Ideal Way to Go Round the Noise

It takes just a few seconds for customers to decide whether they can trust your business or not. This is facilitated by the fact that when customers use Google and other search engines they get to see details about different businesses. But unfortunately the information found online is not always accurate. You will find unfair criticism and negative reviews some of which might even come from your competitors. Online reputation management can help you deal with such issues. Through online reputation management you will be able to look your best online regardless of what the customers will be searching for.

The Basic Concepts of Reputation Management

  1. Keeping the information you put on the internet updated and fresh
  2. Watching closely as new information populates
  3. Moving negative information out of the way in an aggressive manner
  4. Creating a positive presence on the major internet channels
  5. Synchronizing all your marketing efforts
  6. Diversifying your presence which in turn maximizes the positive content
  7. Increasing the value and placement of the positive information in a strategic manner

Process Overview

  • Create a presence in all the main web properties which means that you are taking the first steps of boosting your brand
  • Be able to monitor discussions so that you can understand what other people are saying about you and therefore make the relevant changes.
  • Use our proven and effective techniques to move positive content up
  • Push the negative content to the bottom of the results
  • Do this again and again until the search results are able to show the true image of your business
  • Ensure your reputation is fresh by ensuring it is always positive
  • Take time to measure your results so that you can understand how you are doing
  • Increase the different aspects of your marketing through synchronizing them

Saving time and money through reputation management

When you use online reputation management in the right manner you shall be able to remove the major roadblocks that hinder your business from being successful. This is especially if you are working hard to improve your online presence but you are surrounded by negative comments. Through applying reputation in the right manner you will deal with the negative comments and as a result get time to deal with other areas of your business.

The Main Factors Of Online Reputation Management

The reputation of your business is primarily determined by what the people believe about you and your business. When you hire a third party endorsement you will be increasing the authenticity of your reputation on the internet. Here are the primary factors that have an effect on your reputation and how you can take advantage of them for the benefit of your business.

Online Presence

What people find on the internet regardless of it is positive or negative is what that determines your reputation. The search engines are the ones that determine what people see about your business. Claiming and OptimizeClaim your online properties right away which can include review pages, social websites or even business directories such as yellow pages. You should ensure that all the website have accurate information (see website audit). You should also link sites which will connect your properties and establish the authority of the brand. If you have uniformity in all the sites and the addresses are correct you will be able to increase the ranking of the positive information.

Social Media

You can improve your reputation and get more referrals though social media. This is because you put a human face to your business where you get to interact with customers. You should ensure that you answer quickly whenever the customers make inquiries or ask something. You should not use canned answers but you should always make you interact with the other members of the social media communities.


Through surveys you will be able to get direct access to the opinions of the customers. This creates a bond because the customers feel that they are appreciated. You should have a number of feedback avenues so that the customers do not seek their own channels. If you control the feedback channels and following up the negative feedback consequently avoiding the negative comments. Furthermore, if you follow in a timely manner you will also be reducing chances of the customers complaining using their own channels. If you look for patterns and trends in the reviews you will be able to improve the business processes.


It is always helpful to ensure that you know what the other people are saying about you on the internet. This is because your reputation on the internet keeps on changing from time to time. You should check details such as the number of reviews you are getting and whether there are negative pieces which are negative about your business. You should set alerts setup alerts so that you can easily know when new details are posted on the internet. This will also help you be able to position your brand in a position where it can gain prominence.


More customers are currently able to go through reviews. This means that if you have positive reviews they will play an important role in building your reputation. We shall be able to determine the most effective sites when it comes to reviews. The customers usually look for authenticity when going through reviews. Consequently, there are some review websites that are more effective than others.


It is always helpful to stay a head of the competition so that your reputation can grow. If your competitors are rated with three stars you should ensure you are rated with four stars. This will help you know the aspects of your business that you need to work on and improve. You will be able to know the areas you are doing well and therefore be able to succeed more.


You need to ensure that your internet reputation is multiplied especially if you have multiple locations. Our team will help you be able synchronize all your marketing to ensure all the platforms are running smoothly. If one of the aspects is having problems we work hard to make sure that all the platforms are running smoothly and as a result your marketing efforts are producing the desired results.