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SEO Audit Report

You may be wondering why you’re not getting traffic even after spending more time and money putting your website together. You may also be wondering why your competitor’s websites are performing so well on search engines yet they have poor UX or lower authority. Well, all the answers to these lie on the SEO website audit. The SEO audits don’t only help in improving the site’s search engine performance but are also useful in attracting traffic, revenue and leads.

What’s SEO Website Audit Report?

 Performing SEO audits is the best way to know why your website is performing poorly on search engines results pages or SERPs.  The audits are usually carried out to find weak points or issues that hurt your site’s search engine performance.
By rectifying such issues, your site’s SEO performance should improve.

Having perfectly built and clean website is imperative. However, it would be pointless to have such a website if search engines cannot read its pages. An SEO audit report should include issues that make the website perform
badly on search engines as well as recommendations for fixing such issues.

Actually, there are countless SEO tools that can be used to automatically generate SEO audit reports for your website.
It is important to keep in mind that these tools may be useful for this purpose but they have limitations as well.
It is for this reason why it ’s recommended to do SEO audits manually. That way, you’ll be able to cover the entire SEO aspects. This is also very essential in SEO strategy planning as well as implementation.
Also, SEO website audit report should include off-page and on-page activities for boosting search engine rankings.


Preparing SEO Audit Report

So, how do you tell if your site properly optimized for search results? There are a number of factors that you should be aware of.

  • URLs – The web page should have the right URLs. The URLs used should be relevant to theme and target keywords.
  • Title Tags – The title tags shouldn’t be too long or short (45 characters to 65 characters are the best). You can use Google Snippet Title tag to determine the right length of title tags. The title tags should be relevant to keywords on the web pages.
  • Internal Links – Internal links help in providing more details of the linked phrase or words. Also, they are essential for SERPs indexation.
  • Heading Tags – It’s imperative to implement heading tags, for instance, H1 tags. You can put more H1 tags on a webpage but you should use give the tags hierarchy such as H1, H2, H2 and many more. You should also add sub-headings appropriately.
  • Meta description – Again, Meta descriptions should be too long or short (140 characters to 170 characters are the best). The Meta description should contain the targeted keywords and also summarize the web pages compellingly.
  • Anchor Text Optimization – It is imperative to links texts that the audience would want to read.
  • Breadcrumb – Is essential when navigating the web pages. It makes it stress-free for users to find the pages.
  • Canonicalization Issue – It is wrong to give a website different URLs for a single page. For instance, if your website is and, it is supposed to open with www or without www.


Why Is SEO Website Audit Report Important?

SEO audit reports give an actionable plan for full SEO audit. This plan helps you do the following.

  • Know the SEO efficiency of the website
  • Know the changes the website has undergone and what to do with such changes.
  • Find out the site’s issues and recommendations on how to fix such issues.
  • Know why your competitors are performing better and give recommendations on how to stay competitive.
  • Know what’s good for your website at the moment and in the future

How Much Does SEO Audit Cost?

Actually, there are many great free tools for SEO audit. In most cases, you are offered a trial period and then you can subscribe to your desired package if you’re satisfied with their services. However, a number of them do not have great functionality. But some of them are powerful and cheap. These tools allow you to check website errors as well as customize a search based on your requirements. Such tools help in:

  • Finding duplicate content, for instance, Meta descriptions, pages, H1 headers, Titles and many more.
  • Finding issues of website optimization
  • Analyzing outgoing and incoming links.
  • Finding redirects and broken links.
  • Calculating internal PageRank (which is essential for improving the site’s linking structure)
  • Checking on-page SEO parameters, for instance, crawled URLs.
  • Setting rules to crawl on parts of or the whole site.
  • Exporting and saving data
  • Finding indexation instructions, for instance, Canonical, Meta Robots and many more.

The SEO audit prices are different. So, it is upon you to look for comprehensive SEO audits to purchase. As you would expect, there are various price options to choose from. Thus, you should look for a package that is tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Differences between SEO Audits

There are a number of factors that determine the price structure of SEO audits. They include the following:

Penalty Identification

Most of the website audit tools highlight penalty issues. The tools will also show you what Google wants and what it doesn’t want especially if your website is having complicated issues. The audit will show the presence of this content, unnatural links and many more. The tools will also show you how to fix these problems.

Competitor Analysis

It is not possible to see your competitors unless you have access to the password of their Google analytics. However, many of the tools are able to let you know the rankings of your competitors, their sources of traffic as well as provide recommendations that are best for your website. The tools also analyze the competitors’ backlink profiles to find high-quality links to your website.

Differences between SEO Audits

If your site is large, that is, if it has many pages, it can be a challenge to audit it. Time and effort are needed to analyze, crawl as well as evaluate that website. TrafficDom SEO agency is here for you. We are SEO webmasters and we are honored to work with you.

Small SEO Audits

What’s included?

  • Keyword research
  • Content quality analysis
  • Thin content review
  • Site quality analysis
  • Identifying low-quality link
  • Rank tracking

Price $ 799

Special discount for ordering online

Price $ 499

Medium SEO Audits

What’s included?

  • Keyword research
  • Content quality analysis
  • Thin content review
  • Site quality analysis
  • Identifying low-quality links
  • Rank tracking
  • Penalty identification
  • User experience
  • Competitor analysis

Price $ 1399

Special discount for ordering online

Price $ 999

Large/Deep SEO Audits

What’s included?

  • Keyword research
  • Content quality analysis
  • Thin content review
  • Site quality analysis
  • Identifying low-quality links
  • Analytic analysis
  • Rank tracking
  • Penalty identification
  • User experience
  • Competitor analysis
  • Large site review

Price $ 1999

Special discount for ordering online

Price $ 1499


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How Long Does SEO Audit Take?

Well, SEO audits are usually technical and may take hours, days or weeks to carry out. Depending on the package you choose, you should receive the audit report in less than 5 working days. The time to complete SEO audit hugely depends on a number of things.

  • Issues affecting the site’s performance on search engines
  • Nature of the on and off-site problems
  • Finding low-hanging opportunities and analyzing organic search traffic
  • Content audit and analysis
  • Backlink analysis

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