Social Media Strategies for SEO – Work Smarter not Harder for a Stronger Online Presence


In the old days of SEO, marketers relentlessly chase one new-fangled SEO strategy after another in an effort to boost their online presence. From finding the perfect keywords to dissecting every SEO strategy, marketers spend a lot of time, money, and resources on various promotion techniques regardless if they’re evergreen or trendy. These days, however, it’s […]


User Intent and SEO – Boosting Your SEO Efforts by Understanding Your Target Audience


Back in the day, Google would depend heavily on backlinks and text data to determine the search engine ranking of a website. But thanks to better technologies, Google uses sophisticated algorithms to determine website ranking. And these algorithms are updated regularly.  Since these updates are always unannounced, Google keeps website owners on their toes. As long […]

6 Small tip how to do best SEO practice

6 small business SEO tips for time-strapped entrepreneurs


One of the elements contributing to the solid foundation of small business success is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). When a business performs its SEO very poorly, then they risk losing out on potential business. Have you seen a fantastic TV show that airs on an unclear channel in the night? There are two outcomes for […]


SEO Traps That Will Decrease Your Ranking


10 SEO myths that will limit your google ranks in 2020 It is no secret how important SEO is for digital content. Well written and produced content that incorporates the principles of SEO can make the difference between your website or social media page enjoying a high amount of traffic, and falling to the bottom […]


Popular Visual Trends in SEO


Popular Visual Trends in SEO             Creating your content in such a way as to maximize SEO is more important than ever. Organic searches are becoming more and more commonplace by the day, and other types of search traffic are rapidly decreasing in popularity. SEO has existed in the Digital marketing world for more than […]

Search engine optimization prefer written content

Why Search Engines Still Prefer Written Content


Why SEO Is Important In Content Writing The past few years have seen video content exploding in popularity. It is just one of many ways that companies, or other brands, can communicate with existing and potential customers. Search engine optimization content obviously has visual advantages that written content simply cannot offer. But beyond that, video […]

TrafficDom Google Ranking 2019

Google Ranking 2019


Google Ranking 2019 How To Optimize Your Website For Google RankBrain In 2019 Gone are the days when classic search engine optimization tactics such as creating extremely long content, getting an extra number of backlinks, and focusing on lone long-tail keywords were completely relied upon. The invention Google RankBrain algorithm has since changed the optimization […]

online reputation trafficdom

Online Reputation


Online Reputation Do you know what your customers think about your brand? You may think that your brand is the best. Also, your family members or friends may think the same. However, your customers may think otherwise. What you need to know is that brand awareness is very imperative when it comes to developing a […]

TrafficDom voice search and People

Voice Search


Voice Search & What You Should Know About It For 2018     Advances in technology have introduced innovative ideas and products all over the world. One such innovation is voice search. Globally, consumers conduct more than 50 billion searches a month. In 2016, the voice searches made up 20 percent of all searches and […]

Website architecture Trafficdom

Link Building SEO


Link Building for SEO – Learn the Tricks   Quality backlinks are mandatory for SEO campaign to be successful. That being said, heavy link building SEO strategies are very valuable for successful search engine optimization campaigns. So, what are backlinks? When external sites link to your website, they form what is called backlinks or external […]

SEO Trends TrafficDom

SEO Trends


SEO Trends in 2018     As SEO continues being sophisticated, most businesses are now using a combination of the proven strategies as well as new techniques in order to find themselves in front of the SERPs. Just like we have witnessed most developments in the search landscape for the last years, the new, as […]

Wordpress Dashboard

How to Create a Website


HOW TO CREATE A WEBSITE This is a complete guide how to create a website. STEP 1: CHOOSE A GOOD PLATFORM If you want to quickly create a good, mobile, easy-to-use website, you need to choose a platform (also known as Content Management System). What do I mean by “content management system”? When I started web […]