10 Advanced SEO Techniques That Will Double Your Search Traffic

In today’s fast-paced environment, the goal of every SEO agency, every entrepreneur and every artist is to improve their search rankings. However, improving your search ranking will demand a little sacrifice from you. 

Here in this post, we have outlined the latest and most advanced SEO techniques that will help you improve rankings and get past your competitors quickly in 2020 and beyond.

Furthermore, the world of SEO is a dynamic one. The rules and techniques that you employed in 2020 might not be what will get you to break even in 2021. To get ahead and stay relevant in the SERPs(Search engine result pages), you have to adapt and improvise your strategies regularly continually.

Some of the best SEO strategies you can use to double your search traffic in 2020

Write long-form blog posts

The importance of your quality content cannot be overemphasized, and this is the factor that many SEO experts keep stressing. It is an indisputable fact and one of the crucial elements required to improve your search rankings. However, while your content's quality is pertinent, you cannot overlook the length of your content.

An in-depth blog post that seeks to cover a particular topic exhaustively can help you rank better on the SERPs. Backlinks conducted a study to help us understand the relationship between the length of content and its ranking.

Nevertheless, the length of your content will not exceed magically skyrocket your website to the top results overnight. There's a fine line between quality and length. It would be best if you find that balance and maintain it.

10 advanced SEO techniques that will double your search traffic TrafficDom

Utilize the Bucket Brigade Copywriting technique

When users visit your website, there are two possible outcomes. Its either they continue reading your blog post, or they click away. So this is to say that SEO isn’t all about just keywords.

When users consistently move away from your website, it becomes a severe issue. However, you can prevent this by implementing one of copywriting old tricks, called the bucket brigade. This is a way to compel your readers to stay on your website by making sure your articles are very compelling.

Here is an example of bucket brigades content:

  • Here’s the deal
  • Know what the best part is
  • That’s not all

Short sentences that end with a colon are an excellent way of locating bucket brigades. This is good because it makes your writing more comfortable to read and makes sure readers spend more time on your article.

Although this may not seem like an SEO technique, practice does help to improve your search result.

Update Old content regularly

Here, you have to go through your old content and update them to make the most out of your blog content.

Rather than writing a new article from scratch, we recommend that you add more information to your existing article. Another way to do this is by updating the headline to ensure that it has the latest information.

This is an easy SEO technique to come up with more content in less time.

Get Quality Backlinks

When a high domain authority website links back to your website, yours website's credibility increases, having quality backlinks can quickly help you rank up the SERPs and outwit the competition.

One of the most effective ways of getting high-quality backlinks is by guest blogging and collaborating with social media influencers. Other times you can even get a link back to your website from authority domain sites without your permission. Either way, it works just fine.

However, it would be best if you analyzed incoming links and wed out spammy links.

Techniques SEo ranking higher Trafficdom

Perform high-quality keyword research

It would be best if you took the time to find and research relevant keywords before you finalize your blog post ideas. This is one o the effective ways of finding out what people are searching for.

There are excellent tools out there that you can use to perform a quality keyword research, some are:

  • Google keyword planner
  • KWfinder
  • Moz Keyword Explorer.

One tip for useful keyword research is to avoid the use of generic keyword terms.

Make your website mobile compatible

Mobile optimization is probably one of the most effective ways of analyzing f your website has been fully optimized.

According to data, over 60% of organic searches occur on mobile devices. Hence, it is quite crucial to have your website fully optimized for mobile, so that anyone would be able to access it from anywhere around the world.

Apply laser focus on what your audience wants

Analyzing what your audience wants springs up a few questions; what are they talking about? On what platforms are they? How can you connect with them?

However, these are just a few questions to ask, so you would be able to form your SEO strategies well once you have a clear understanding of what your customers want.

You could also read post comments; visit Google analytics, Quora, and Kickstarter, these platforms can also give you a heads up.

Perform an SEO audit on your website

Unarguably one of the best SEO strategies, performing a timely SEO audit of your website, can give you the advantage ahead of the competition.

By adopting this practice, you will get an insight into the current state of your website. This technique might not seem like an advanced one, but you will be shocked to find out that many website owners neglect this practice.

Make use of internal links

Making it easier for your web visitors to get back to your home page should be your ultimate goal. You will want them to spend more time on your website. Thus a backlink would suffice.

Adopting this technique guarantee that Google web spiders can crawl easily through your content, thus your older blog post would also be able to pull in more traffic.

Find broken links on Wikipedia

To find these Wikipedia’s broken link, you should do this:

Wikipedia.org"keyword phrase" "dead link."

Many people do not know that Wikipedia is a hub for quality backlinks opportunities. You can find several articles where data or a fact was mentioned without a citation. Interestingly, some are even linked back to pages that do not exist.

One way to take advantage of this opportunity is by creating content around these topics so that you can link it back to Wikipedia.


Everyone would love the idea of improving theirs search traffic. However, only quite a handful of these people make use of the right SEO techniques. The techniques listed above, if practiced in the letter, will boost your search traffic and put your competition several steps behind you.