Popular Visual Trends in SEO

Popular Visual Trends in SEO

            Creating your content in such a way as to maximize SEO is more important than ever. Organic searches are becoming more and more commonplace by the day, and other types of search traffic are rapidly decreasing in popularity. SEO has existed in the Digital marketing world for more than fifteen years now. It’s almost ridiculous to even ask the question at this point; but if your business isn’t implementing the principles of SEO within your content, what are you waiting for?

            As new businesses are formed, the competition for the attention of readers gets tougher and tougher. Therefore, as imperative as it has become to implement SEO into your online content, it is equally as important that your methods are in line with the newest trends. New technological developments such as voice search, and the growing fad of leveraging so-called internet “influencers” are but a few of the techniques businesses are using to drive traffic to their sites. However, the trend which is growing the most in popularity is incorporating visual elements into your content.

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SEO trends 2020

Image search: Although Google has had an “image search” feature available to its users for years, the practice really seemed to take off in 2019. Google took notice; even going so far as to make the claim that “ images are going to be a big topic this year.” Recently, Google has begun showing additional information in their image results. Things like current availability and pricing are a new feature in the image SERPs. Take advantage of this trend by using explicit images in your content.

Video Content: In case you didn’t get the memo, the “mobile era” is now in full swing. Having a smartphone in your pocket has made it easier than ever to consume video content. Incorporating videos into your marketing content is a fantastic way to foster engagement with current and prospective customers, and goes a long way in developing brand recognition. Additionally, it is incredibly easy to include videos into your email campaigns.

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Ephemeral Content: This one is rather unique, and when done correctly, it can be really quite clever. Ephemeral content is a photo and video content that only lasts for twenty-four hours before expiring. This form of digital marketing is especially popular for use on social media platforms. In fact, Facebook, the largest and most used social media platform in the world, is now making full use of ephemeral content.

Augmented Reality: Augmented reality is a great way to promote engagement within your content. Furniture companies, automobile manufacturers, and even clothing retail are already making full use of this technology. Augmented reality allows users the ability to take a “virtual tour” of the product that they are interested in before they buy it. They can also explore all of the customizable options that the product offers.

Visual Discovery: This one is very exciting. Visual discovery allows customers, and other internet users, to search for things that they have seen recently. Pinterest is already making use of this feature. Their “Pinterest Lens” tool has been live for some time now. Users can use their phone’s camera to take a picture of any particular item, and then perform an online search for a similar item. Both Facebook and Amazon are planning on implementing this feature in the near future. Expect this to become very big in 2020, and going forward.

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360 Degree Views: This is yet another visual trend that is increasing in popularity. It is great for events such as concerts and sports games, as well as for product display. 360-degree viewing is similar in concept to augmented reality, but nowhere near as complex. Users and potential customers are able to fully examine things like hotel rooms, stadium seating and views, and, of course, whatever product they may be considering purchasing.

Illustrations: Adding illustrations to your content, website or social media pages is the perfect way to add some artistic flair to your digital offerings. If done correctly, there aren’t many better methods for making your brand stand out from the crowd. It is both authentic and non-generic. Dropbox is perhaps the best example of the effective use of illustrations. They have recently redesigned their logo with illustrations. The results were fantastic. In 2020, you will most certainly see more and more businesses incorporating illustrations into their digital marketing. Aside from being unique and effective, it may also be a far less expensive option.

Infographics: This is perhaps the best way to present complex or statistical information. Infographics offer the creator the ability to add colors, shapes, and animations to typically boring or unattractive content, making it much more appealing to the reader. Infographics are easy to create, and can thoroughly enhance the overall presentation of your digital content. It is a fun and efficient way of presenting the information.

Realism: With the way the world is in 2020, consumers no longer want information sugarcoated. Social issues have been forced to the forefront of society, in often violent ways. This requires a much more “unfiltered” presentation style to capture the rawness of current events. Realism is what people want. The days of singing animal mascots are behind us...at least for now.

Personalized Designs: It is more important than ever for a business to speak directly to their target audience. Customers want to be heard and to feel as though their needs are both understood, and taken into account. Studies have shown that as many as 86% of consumers feel that personalized experiences play a huge part in their purchasing decisions. When it comes to your digital marketing and advertising campaigns, a personal touch can go a very, very long way.

            Creativity will continue to drive innovation. While this is by no means a new concept, it has perhaps never been more important that businesses pay attention to these trends. Consumers are smarter and more informed than ever before, and their expectations have never been higher. Companies that embrace these trends, and meet customer expectations will thrive. Companies that do not...will not.