Why Search Engines Still Prefer Written Content

Why SEO Is Important In Content Writing

The past few years have seen video content exploding in popularity. It is just one of many ways that companies, or other brands, can communicate with existing and potential customers. Search engine optimization content obviously has visual advantages that written Search Engines In Written Contentcontent simply cannot offer. But beyond that, video content can provide a far more interactive experience than almost any other form of digital marketing. Video content is especially useful for product demonstrations and review posts, as it allows customers the opportunity to see the product in action, rather than just reading about its capabilities. So, the question is this: has video content become more important than written content in digital marketing? The answer is absolutely not.

Benefits Of SEO Content Writing

While nothing will ever replace quality written content, video content certainly does have it’s advantages.

  • Video works well with your email marketing campaign: We all know how hard it is to get people to open marketing emails. This has become the “junk mail” of the internet age. However, simply putting the word “video” in your subject line can increase click-through rates by as much as 300 percent! This can be a fantastic strategy if you are advertising a product that must be “seen to be believed.”
  • Video nurtures trust and builds credibility: As powerful as the written word can be, the video puts a face to your brand. As many as 90% of consumers say that video is helpful to them when determining brand preference and making a purchase.
  • The video encourages social media sharing: This one is huge. If your video is compelling enough, it has the chance of going “viral.” This means it will spread like wildfire across customer demographics you probably never considered. Best of all, it happens organically.

Why Is Content Optimization Important

Although incorporating video content into your marketing strategy does bring with it certain benefits, there is no replacing high quality written content for SEO.

  • Use of keywords: Written content allows for the inclusion of keywords and phrases within your postings. This provides potential customers the opportunity to more easily find the products and services you offer through the use of a search engine.
  • Generation of backlinks: Gaining high-quality backlinks from the most authoritative websites is a vital part of SEO. Search engines view the incorporation of backlinks as a source of credibility, and they help with fostering trust. Adding high-quality backlinks to your written content typically results in higher search rankings.
  • Easier to follow: Have you ever heard the expression “explain it in black and white?” When things are written down, they are often much easier to follow, especially in the case of a review or a “how-to” piece.

         When written content is prepared well, it appeals to consumers on many levels. But when video content is prepared well, it can be a fantastic addition. Content is the most important of all factors with regards to search engine rankings. While there is most likely nothing that will ever take the place of written content in terms of importance, the video certainly has the ability to enhance consumable content.



Search engine optimization

Search Engine ContentIt is always a good idea to make use of several types of content in your digital marketing strategy. The more variety your campaign provides, the better the odds you have of offering “something for everyone.” Video content can be a valuable attention grabber. But it is most beneficial when used in conjunction with other types of content. People consume digital content differently, and there is no true “one size fits all.” Here are a few ways to increase your search engine rankings by adding video to your written content:

  • Including a video transcript: This really is the best of both worlds. Adding a written transcript of your videos makes them easier to find, and much more relevant to search engines.
  • Labeling keywords: We all know how important keywords and phrases are for SEO. Labeling your videos in the same way you would your pictures or infographics is a great way to identify your videos as being relevant to consumer searches. Keywords can be placed in video titles, descriptions, and tags.
  • Video integration: Adding video to your content can, by itself, lead to better search engine rankings. The presence of video is an indication of rich and diverse content. This helps search engines know that your page contains a good mix of media.
  • Post your videos on YouTube: If your video content is of the highest quality, meaning that the dialogue or narration is extremely well written, and the premise is attractive, posting it on YouTube can be a great option for widening your audience. The most commonly searched and found videos are those that are tied to either big-name websites or the videos hosted on YouTube.
  • Create backlinks from YouTube: Social media shares do not count as links for search engine rankings. However, if you create a YouTube channel, you can place your webpage link into your channel profile, and also put your link into the description of your video.

Video content has unquestionably made an impact on digital marketing, and it will certainly continue to grow in popularity. But it will never replace the written word. It is ultimately defeatist to try and replace your written content with exclusive video content. People like videos. And when it is done well, it can be just as memorable as any other form of marketing. Adding it to your existing digital marketing strategy (that is built around the best possible written content) can elevate your advertising campaign to new heights.

It is important that you find the right balance, but everything starts with the writing. Whether it is standing on its own, or being used as a part of another type of digital marketing, it has to be of the highest possible quality. Remember, a video needs to be written before it can be filmed. If the writing isn’t there, nothing else will work.