How to Increase Website Traffic

 How to Increase Website Traffic

A steady flow of traffic is what every website owner wants. Without traffic, it is impossible to run an online business. That’s why online business owners need to have strategies for increasing traffic to their websites and at the same time keeping the already existing visitors. So, what are the ideas to increase website traffic?


TrafficDom tips how to increase website traffic



Overhaul and Upgrade the Outdated Blog Posts

If you want to land more traffic within the shortest time possible, you should update and improve the insanely outdated blog posts. For instance, you can add new screenshots and do away with strategies that don’t work anymore.


Share the Website Contents

Have you ever wondered why some of the website blogs have extremely high social media shares? If you want to increase website traffic, it is imperative to get shares from your website content. The Click to Tweet Links will definitely help you achieve this.

  • Just look for a phrase or words that are ‘tweetable’ in the website content, for instance, statistics, strategy or a tip.
  • Then, create or develop Click to Tweet Links. You can add your ‘tweetable’ phrase or words to come and you will get special links.
  • Suppose someone opens the link, he or she will have an option of sharing the content.


Share your content on social media



Optimize Website Contents with LSI Keywords


SEO is one of the proven ways how to increase website traffic. It is important to note that some of the old SEO techniques and strategies don’t work effectively today. This is because almost everything about SEO has been changed by Google’s Hummingbird algorithm. In fact, Google announced that 90 percent of the searches have been affected by this algorithm.

Lately, Google is not only interested in the keywords but also if the topics on the website are comprehensively covered. Now, you may be wondering how Google knows how the topics on the website have comprehensively been covered. Google actually checks the LSI keywords.

LSI keywords simply refer to the phrases that best describe your target keywords. For example, if the post on your website is about social media marketing, some of the LSI keywords you may use are the Facebook page, viral content, LinkedIn just to mention a few. You can use LSI Graph to find LSI keywords for your target keywords. By sprinkling these keywords in your content, Google will understand that the topics have been covered comprehensively.


LSI Keywords options


Content Transformation


Content transformation simples involve converting blog posts or articles into other formats, for instance, podcasts, ebooks, videos and many more. If you convert the blog posts to videos, for example, you will get many social shares, views, and comments because many website visitors love video contents.

The demand for podcasts is increasing steadily. Statistics show that more than 24 percent of web users listen to podcasts. So, should you start a podcast? Instead of doing that, you should go on podcasts as a visitor or guest. If you can appear on more than 4 podcasts episodes per month, you will surely increase website traffic. The best part is that you also get backlinks that that will boost your Google rankings.



Promote the Contents


What’s next now that you have published contents that Google wants? It is imperative to promote the contents with blogger outreach. If you want your posts to drive large traffic, you need to make sure they are tweeted by influential bloggers. But how can you do that? You need to search for bloggers who blog about your topics. Then, you should get in touch with them. You can send personalized emails to bloggers that may want to share your contents.

Also, you should make sure that the contents appeal to influential bloggers. Many of the influential bloggers will be more than ready to share your contents if the contents are appealing to them.


Guest post for increase traffic to website


Share Your Videos or Articles on LinkedIn


Statistics have shown that more web users are sharing contents on LinkedIn. As a website owner, this is absolutely a good news and you can take advantage of such an opportunity to boost traffic to your site. If you post video contents or articles on LinkedIn, you will get likes, comments, and views that may turn into traffic.



Start a Giveaway Competition


Who doesn’t like free things? Did you know that you can actually increase website traffic by giving out free stuff? You can start a giveaway competition, where the participants are required to give their email addresses to participate.

The participants will also tell their friends or family members about your contest. In the end, you will grow long email lists and attract more visitors to your site.


Give away options to increase traffic


Publish Long Contents


It has been proven that long contents do better than shorter contents. Websites having more than 1000 words blog posts get more backlinks and shares. In fact, a website that publishes more than 3000 words blog posts get twice the shares the website publishing shorter articles get. List posts are the best. With many shares, you will get more visitors to your website.


Lower Bounce Rate


Higher bounce rate actually hurts your site’s conversions, SEO and page views. Bounce rate is one of the Google’s ranking signals. It is very easy to lower the bounce rate, though.



Ensure that the Website Is Mobile-friendly


Last year, Google rolled out the mobile-first index. Simply put, Google will give more credence to a mobile version of the sites. That’s why you should switch from the desktop versions. With Mobile-Friendly Test, it is simple to know if your website is mobile friendly. Plus, the tool provides suggestions on how to make your website mobile friendly.

Statistics show that many web users use their mobile devices. So, if you want to get more visitors to your site, it is imperative to ensure that your website runs well on mobile devices.


Mobile friendly test on google



Post Viral Contents


Actually, there is no proven way of telling if the content will be viral or not. However, there are a few things you can do to make the content viral.

  • Include Visuals – most of the viral contents contain videos, infographics or images. It has been proven that contents that have images get more social shares than contents that don’t have images at all.
  • Add ‘Utility’ – You should make sure that the content is useful. For instance, you can write about ‘How to Learn to Drive in 3 Minutes’. Most of the viral contents are extremely practical.
  • Consider Initial ‘Push’ for the Content – If you want to get more visitors to your site within the shortest time possible, you should promote it on other sites.



Develop YouTube Channel


Did you know that YouTube is the 2nd popular site worldwide? YouTube is one of the top traffic sources that you just can’t ignore. However, it may take a while to receive views for your videos. But with the right keyword research, use of competitive keywords and video tags, you will be surprised with the amount of traffic you will get from YouTube.



Create Invaluable Content Using Question Analyzer


This is another powerful tip how to increase website traffic. Visitors to your site want to read awesome content. Of course, publishing awesome contents is the only way of getting more traffic. You need to know the types of questions your audience needs answered online. Now, the contents of your website should answer such questions.


There are many question analyzers, for instance, Answer the Public that can help you know the types of questions the visitors to your site want to be answered.



Steal the Competitors’ Traffic Sources


You are definitely looking for ways of tracking down the sources of your competitors’ traffic. Unfortunately, none of your competitors will give you his or her Google Analytics password. The good news is that you can use SimilarWeb to track down all the traffic sources of your competitors. The tool will show you the overview of your competitors’ traffic as well as the sources of the traffic. Better yet, this is absolutely free.



Drive Traffic from Forums


The reality is that forums are one of the underrated traffic sources. But you can actually get traffic there. All you have to do is become an active and respected member of different forums. In return, you will build a funnel that will bring more visitors to your website.

For example, you can join a marketing forum and become an active member. You can answer questions and post original contents and with time, many people will be more interested in visiting your website.



Consider Influencer Marketing


If you want a flood of traffic and more sales, then you can have an influential person endorse your services or products on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. Tools such as FameBit make it easier for you to find influencers who are more than ready to promote your products or services.



Improve On Organic CTR (Click-Through Rate)


CTR is one of the Google’s important ranking signals. But did you know that you really don’t need higher search engine rankings to drive more traffic? All you have to do is improve on the CTR. To improve your CTR, you need to do the following:

  • Include keyword in URL
  • Use emotional titles
  • Write interesting Meta descriptions
  • Include numbers or percentages on titles
  • Use titles with best CTR




In Summary


The ideas to increase website traffic mentioned above are very helpful for anyone who is interested in getting boatload traffic. Now, it is upon you to take advantage of these untapped strategies for the best results or if you feel that this is too much for you, contact us and we, TrafficDom, will be honored to help you.



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