Tips to Do Best Keyword Planning


Keywords planning is very valuable in SEO including content marketing campaigns. Keywords are fundamental in finding information on search engines such as Google. Plus, keywords are essential for running Google AdWords (advertising service).  The Google Keyword Planner is the tool used to for getting keyword trends and ideas.


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Quality keywords are imperative for AdWords campaign. It is for this reason why using the appropriate keywords is essential. One way of finding the Google-recommended keywords is by using the Google Keyword Planner. How does this tool generate keywords?

  • Landing Page – The tool generates the right keywords by reading the content on the landing page.
  • Keyword – The tool can generate keywords by reading words that are relevant to the page.
  • Product Category – The tool can also generate keywords by reading the product categories which describe the page.

The better part is that Google Keyword Planner can show the effectiveness of the keywords, for instance, how well they can perform on Google searches. Plus, the tool can provide recommendations on the right keywords for setting up campaigns. Thus, the tool is imperative in keyword planning and finding the best keywords for finding your page on the web. So, how can you make the tool work effectively?


The Recommended Ad Groups Can Help in Creating Topics and Themes

Google is more interested in the keywords, how the keywords have been used and more importantly, how the keywords relate to the page’s topic. The good thing about Google’s Keyword Planner is that it puts the keywords into the recommended Ad groups. Thus, it makes it easier for you to identify the keywords that can be grouped into your page’s topic.


Sorting by Competition Can Help in Determining the Priority and Content Type

It is imperative to note that suggested bids as well as competition columns don’t apply to organic searches but paid search ads. You can sort the suggested bids and competition to find keywords ideas, though. It is also easy to determine if the keywords are making money. For instance, there is money in keywords that attract higher suggested bids and competition.

Again, it is simple to figure out the location of the keywords in the marketing funnel. Since search ads are completely direct-response aligned, advertisers would be more interested in spending their money on keywords that are clicked by many people and the products on those links purchased immediately. On the other hand, advertisers will pay less if the keywords are used for online searches only. In most cases, research terms are the keywords having low suggested bids and/or low competition.


Using Keyword Themes Can Help in Finding Keywords Based On Services or Products

Actually, Google Keyword Planner doesn’t have a solid idea of the keywords you want. That is why it’s wise to search the theme of the keywords to find best keyword ideas. Instead of searching too specific or broad phrases, you should search for relevant phrases.

Using High Ranking URLs Can Help in Finding Best Keywords form the Landing Pages

Just as mentioned previously, Google Keyword Planner generates keywords by reading the content on the landing pages. Instead of generating keywords ideas using your landing page, you should consider using high-ranking as well as keyword-rich landing pages. For instance, if you are selling Mary Jane’s Shoes, you should look for a popular site like Amazon selling such shoes and ‘steal’ some keywords ideas there.


Ending Thoughts

For the web page to drive more traffic, it must dominate the Google searches. And for the page to dominate Google searches, it must have keyword-rich content, descriptions, titles, and Meta. So, you see how it’s important to do keyword planning?

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